Saturday, February 2, 2008

Enjoying The Thailand Full Moon Party

by Asia Hotel

The full moon provides a rare spectacle. A moon lit night has a peculiar attraction to it, and the Thai's definitely know how to make the most of the night that only comes around once a month. On the Koh Phangan's Haad Rin beach, once a month when the moon rises with all its beauty, crowds gather to view a most enthralling view of the moon. Almost 10,000 people gather on the beach at various venues that host the party like the Backyard Club, Beach House Club, Drop Inn, Cactus Bar, Paradise, Orchid and The Rock to name a few. There are many hotels in Thailand near these locations.
The party starts at dusk and the tables are laid out along the beach, lamps are lit and soon enough the moon light takes over and creates the perfect setting for a night out with singing and dancing. There is food and drinks to keep the partiers going through the night. With the perfect warm waters through out the year, the party becomes even more special with many taking a plunge and enjoying the party from the water as well. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the party as there is no entry fee to the beach and you can enjoy the atmosphere till your hearts content. The only thing you pay for is the food and drinks you enjoy during the night.

You can surely plan your next vacation to Thailand and enjoy this special party as well as the dates for the event are already set, once a month from January to December and also on Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

A few things to keep in mind always, when you are planning to go to a crowded place are to make sure you leave any valuables, or travel documents, back at your hotel.Keep your wallet and money in front pockets or in places where you will know if someone tries to relieve you of them. You can always find pick pockets at crowded places, be careful and alert to them. Keep your shoes on as there is always a chance of stepping on some broken glass.

Be weary of accepting any drinks from strangers. Party drugs are not uncommon here and the drug related penalties are far more stringent than many other places and often times the consulates can't provide much help in such matters.

All in all, stay safe and enjoy a great beach party that you will get a chance to be a part of.

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