Saturday, February 9, 2008

Koh Phangan - accommodation accessible to anyone!

by Clint Jhonson

What do words like "Koh Phangan" and "accommodation" tell you? I'm sure they bring to your mind images of you on an exotic island, sitting on the beach with a cocktail and having the time of your life. You can almost feel the breeze.
The only problem concerning having such an "adventure" these days (besides never having the time...) is the serious lack of money, and you're not the only one facing this issue. Unfortunately, most trips to exotic locations (and trips abroad in general) are really expensive and offer you few accommodation alternatives to multi-star hotels or fancy villas rented at excessive prices. I'm sure that no one (besides superstars who can afford bathing in champagne or other extravaganzas) is at peace with the idea of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a simple vacation especially these days, with stuff on your mind like a mortgage or perhaps a car leasing rate, children's school taxes and many more.

Luckily for you, I found an alternative to a head-aching vacation a few days ago. And one must admit that no one has fun spending half of the day thinking about how "thin" the wallet is... Well that can stop now. Koh Phangan is "the name of the game". It's a small tropical island in the gulf of Thailand, next to Samui. They have a small company there, founded in January 2003 by Malee Thangtira and Simon Beisl. The whole deal went online in October 2003. They offer accommodation services for prices accessible to more people than through traveling agencies or who knows what other intermediates. There are houses, as well as bungalows available for rent along with many services. The island's landscape is various: you can rent a bungalow on the beach, a house in an inner garden or maybe one in the mountainous area.

The best thing about these houses rented out by the locals (besides the low-price accommodation) is that they offer you intimacy, as you are able to spend you vacation unbothered. Koh Phangan is also a wonderful place with stunning views. Just think about how it would be, renting a house in the mountain side, facing the ocean and waking up in the morning in the glow of the sun rising above the sea, watching a stunning landscape.

Besides the beauty of the places, there is a practical financial side of things. Choosing Koh Phangan as your next vacation spot does not only offer you a great experience, but also saves you a significant amount of money, with prices usually ranging between 90 - 150 dollars/month in case of cheaper accommodation and 250 - 500 for medium-priced houses and bungalows. Of course, for those of you who can afford a bit of luxury, there are houses rented out for prices up to 600-1000 dollars per month.

In any case, it's still a lot cheaper than checking into a 3-5 star hotel, paying everyone around, having to give fat tips in order no to be misspoken of by the personnel and so on. Not to mention that "great" rule that most hotels have, and that is the prohibition of bringing in water bought from outside the hotel, thus forcing you to buy 1-litter bottles of water for five bucks and so on - "great" accommodation indeed. In Koh Phangan, there's none of that hypocritical nonsense, because they care first of all about you having a good time. I think it wouldn't hurt checking out the free resource below for more information. You won't be sorry!

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